This is an online selection of oil paintings by Olga Wiese.

Olga Wiese

Born 1944 Middelburg, The Netherlands. Working as an artist since 1962.


Among others: Groninger Museum, Markiezenhof Bergen op Zoom, Drents Museum Assen, Museum de Buitenplaats Eelde, Synagoge Groningen, Oosterpoort Groningen, Bruggebouw Emmen, Schuttershof Middelburg, Historisch Museum Amsterdam, Kunsthistorisch Instituut Groningen, Gasunie Groningen, Museum Oldenburg. Galleries: Wiek XX, Bonnard, Item, de Boer Waalkens, Librije, Vieleers. Wessel Gansfort Award in 1991.

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Among others: Cityhall Zwolle, Beatrixoord Haren, Gasunie Groningen, University Hospital Groningen (UMCG), Museum Markiezenhof Bergen op Zoom, the city of Groningen, the city of Den Haag, Drents Museum, Nijsingh huis Eelde, Nederlandse Kunststichting, bars, restaurants, private concerns.



"Paintings by Olga Wiese are in a sense trick. At first glance they seem to belong to trendy realism but at a second look this impression appears to be wrong. She is not meticulously painting landscapes, portraits, or still-lives nor is she indulging in form of mystic symbolism. Not by reality but by very specific realities. In fact she represents an artistic attitude known in the 16th century as 'Kuriositätenliebe'. This way of looking at the world around you, discovering the oddities and rarities of life in a way has become her way of painting. This to me is the most fascinating aspect of her art. She does not just represent curious things, she detects them during the process of painting. Painting does not mean to her a theatrical arrangement of given facts. The action itself is a mean of realizing fantasies.

Her career over the last twenty years shows a surprisingly consistent development. In the last works she displays a precision of drawing and a richness of color which make her paintings monuments of modern phantasy. It is as if Brueghel's 'Dulle Griet' has been given life again. She walks through a landscape full of most unbelievable visual adventures."

Henk van Os

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